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Puffy Eyes


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One "natural" thing that I found to be quite effective is this:

Put a couple of ice cubes in a thin cloth, then rub them around your eye area. The cold will help soothe your eyes. I've done it, and still continue to do it, it's really effective.

You can also rub it all over your face if you have enlarged pores. It'll help tighten it and improve blood circulation.


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puffy eyes are also known as bag under eyes . It can happen due to several reasons such as stress, dryness of eyes, thyroid problem and allergy, There are certain home remedies available for eye puffiness also such as juices of cucumber and potatoes as well as milk. if you apply those remedies you will definitely get the better result.


I sometimes use First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller. It has an anti-oxidant booster and it has actually worked for me. The results aren't huge or mind-blowing but over about a week and a half you can see a subtle but real difference.