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Pruning the bikini line

Miss Cleo

Someone please tell me how you do it. How do you keep your bikini line free of those sneaking hairs? While you are at it, please don't even mention waxing. :eek:
Without mentioning wax... Shave!

Waxing isnt that bad though. You get amazing results from it and it lasts a lot longer


Try TEND SKIN. Its a liquid that u apply with a cotton ball or cotton round, its great for any area of the body.. Works wonders. Please be patient, it can take a few days to see results.


Staff member
Maybe if any creams or lotions were put just below the bikini line (on the lower abdomen), it might not be so bad.

We could always try tweezers but that might hurt just as much as waxing. :eek:

And there's always electrolysis. :)