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Prenatal massage by male therapist


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Hi ..ladies .
My GP recommended me to get a prenatal massage asap..I'm 20 weeks pregnant.. in my town I can only find certified male therapist . I'm little nervous getting massage from a male .. any one got experience getting prenatal massage from male.. do I need to be naked ? Plz share your thoughts and experience..thanks


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I would take my husband/boyfriend (even a friend) into the room while a man gives me a massage. I've heard too many stories of women taken advantage of, from a guy.

It depends on what kind of prenatal massage the doctor recommends:
if it's general massage or Swedish massage, you might feel comfortable with a man doing it (and you shouldn't have to be naked).
If it's perineal massage (manually stretching the tissues surrounding the birth canal/vagina to help reduce the risk of episiotomy or trauma associated with childbirth), I'd definitely want a nurse or someone else in the room with me.

If it's general massage, you might feel more comfortable getting a massage from a woman, even if she isn't certified, especially if someone recommends her (and you can lie on your back and/or your side).

It would be great if your husband/boyfriend gave you a massage, especially a lower-back massage, foot massage, etc.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! :)
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