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Star Light

Whatever poems ou wrote or found just paste them here ok :)

I love you

I love you with a permanence
That endures the passing years.
I love you with a joyfulness
That subdues all doubts and fears.
I love you with an honesty
That was born within my heart.
I love you with the calm belief
That we will never part.
I love you with a confidence
No earthly force can sever.
I love you with the certainty
That I’ll cherish you forever.
I love you with the humbleness
Of one who has been blessed.
I love you with the reverence
Of all that word suggests.
I love you with a fervor
That time cannot reverse.
I love you with the truest love
That poets put to verse.

The World’s Most Beautiful

I’d give anything to see the sun set on the horizon,
I’d do anything to gaze at a full moon in the night sky;
Even a rainbow would make me smile,
And I’d love to swim in crystal clear waters
Of an untouched sea;
Sometimes I’ll see a shooting star,
And try to gaze from afar,
All the diamonds in the night sky;
The mist on the mountains is breathtaking,
As is walking in rainforest;
To see cascading waterfalls I’d do anything for,
As to stand on the highest peak in the world,
And look at the sights below;
I’d love to soar on wings above the clouds,
Across the bluest skies;
I’d do anything to see
All the beautiful things in the world,
Like a red rose blooming in the Sahara,
Like a river twisting through a dusty land,
All the beautiful things in the world;

But I also know I am looking at
The world’s most beautiful creation,
Every time you smile,
And every time I look into your eyes.

You Are My Forever Love

Your friendship and love,
And all the wonderful things
That they bring into my life,
Are like nothing else
I have ever known.

My heart is complete
With the love we share,
And our love grows more
Beautiful each day.

I love you,
And as long as we are together,
I have everything I need.

You are with me always...
In a smile, a memory, a feeling
Or a moment we share.

You will always be
My Forever Love

A Dream Come True

Feelings that once were hidden
Are now expressed to you.
Days that once were stormy
Are now the brightest blue.

Times that once were lonely
Are now filled with pleasure.
All that once was mine alone
Are now things we both treasure.

Nights that once were cold
Are now comforting and warm.
Fears that once were very real
Are now gone with the storm.

A heart that once was broken
Can now finally mend.
A person once alone in life
Can now call you a friend.

Dreams that once were longed for
Are now all coming true.
The love I once thought was gone
I have now and forever in you.

Growing old with you

It all began about 60 years ago,
On a very special summers day,
For two unexpected teenage kids,
Love was about to come their way.

Boy meets girl, things move quick,
Nobody gave their love a chance,
It's been seen a million times before,
Just another hopeless young romance.

But for this couple it was different,
Since day one it was meant to be,
It was that forever fairytale happiness,
The kind you can only see on T.V.

One day she looked at him and asked,
"What is it with your life you'd like to do?"
He gently kissed her forehead and said,
"Sweetheart, I dream to grow old with you"

Smiling because they were so in love,
Suddenly he got down on one knee,
Pulled out a beautiful diamond ring,
And asked "Princess, will you marry me?"

Tears falling from her big brown eyes,
It was a yes as she nodded her head,
And just seven short months later,
These two teenage kids were wed.

They bought a house and settled down,
Got pregnant and gave birth to a little girl,
How is it at just twenty-three years old,
They could have everything in the world.

For fifty years their lives were perfect,
As grandchildren grew the love did too,
But with a simple trip to the doctor,
The future suddenly held a different view.

He was diagnosed with bone cancer,
The doctors didn't give him very long,
He fought with everything he had left,
But at eighty, he wasn't very strong.

As he lay in a hospital bed about to die,
Hand in hand with his best friend and wife,
He said "I want you to know since Nineteen,
You've been my everything, my whole life"

With tears falling from her big brown eyes,
She asked "did all of your dreams come true?"
He kissed her forehead and with his final breath,
Said "Of course princess, I grew old with you"

My love for you

My love for you is ever so deep,
i have trouble at night trying to sleep.

I think of you almost every day,
Im lost without you I have nothing to say.

I love you alot I want you to see,
maybe some day soon together we can be.

I love you so much that i would take my life for death,
and saying i love you would be my last breathe.

Your amazing and talented and I think you no the rest,
what Im trying to say is I think your the best.

I want you to not have any pain I want you to be happy,
If that doesntt happen then I just want to die.

Your such a great person, your truly an amazing.

I regret when we fight, I dont think its right.

I want the best for you and thats all I want,
but please dont leave me or the memories will haunt.

Theres times I wasnt there for you when I wish I was,
You say it doesnt matter when it really does.

When ever I see your hurt the only person I blame is me,
I hate it when your in pain for I love thee.

Youre the reason im still hangin on,
A reason I still feel so strong.

I wish life wasnt so complicated,
Im tired of us always being hated.

I wish you the best with what ever you chose to do,
I want you to know, no matter what, i will always love you.

Star Light

Deep in the forests of oblivion
I have buried all my feelings
For I have no use for human emotions
On the path that I've chosen
For it's a Path of darkness
Shrouded in everlasting dusk
But still I feel safe...
'Cause this is where I belong

My dark philosophy I have chosen a long time ago
And I know it was the only one for me to take
Because my soul is contaminated and black
And that's the way I want it to be...

Someday the path will come to an end
And then I have come to home
The one will wait me at the gate
And my tormented soul will have its peace
But until that day comes...
I must wander the forgotten lands
Still not alone must I roam
For the sprits of darkness company me...

As the last sunbeams of my life wither away
I see the curtain of death fall... and I realize
That all hope is lost now and I'm drowning
I am drowning in darkness... but smiling...

I hope you like the poems :)



Possessive love arrives,
it locks the door behind it
and settles in forever,
always predictable.

Love arrives,
it leaves its luggage
by the door,
in case worse comes to worst,
but it still undresses.

Passion arrives, first it lights
a hundred candles, then pulls
the door off its hinges and
breaks the windows.
Leaves everything, everything
to the care of the wind.


From Friends To Lovers

Sometimes I feel sad and sometimes I feel blue
but whenever I see you, I'm as happy as can be
for you bring a smile upon my face
and a feeling of joy within my heart
you're like my sunshine in the morning
and my stars that glow at night
you're like the waves in the ocean
the cool breeze in the wind
like the call of the birds in the morning dew
like the sounds of beauty in the night
you see all of these things are of beauty and love
that's how I feel whenever you are near
for it was the passion and desire from both of us
that opened up the world for our eyes to see
for our love of each other will grow and grow
and our needs and desires will be more everyday
for a friend you once were and will always be
has turned into love as it should have been
so I want you to know as a friend and lover
that in my heart and arms you'll always stay
for our love for each other will never fade.
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