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Pls help


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Hi so I’m really embarrassed to even be writing this but idk what to do. So today I had unprotected sex and it only lasted like 10 seconds before he came. He pulled out and came outside but I’m still scared that I’m gonna get pregnant. Also it was my first time but I don’t think he broke my hymen bc I didn’t bleed and it didn’t hurt. Should I get Plan B to be safe? I’m scared and really regretting my stupid decision. Pls help
I would definitely take some plan B ASAP. Just because he ejaculated outside of you doesn't mean that no sperm was in the pre-ejaculate fluid. (Although it's debated whether that's true or not better safe than sorry). The longer you wait with plan B the less likely it is to work. If you end up not getting your period I would take a pregnancy test and go to planned parenthood to see how they can help you.

To talk a bit about your second point. The hyeman can break from a number of things like riding a bike, a horse or any other type of intense physical sport. (Ex: gymnastics, tennis, riding a unicycle) The hyeman is more a bunching of skin, like a scrunchie that can tear during your first penetrative sexual experience. Some women are born without one. So you could have already torn yours at some point and not even known or not been born with one. Some women experience significant pain and others do not. Depending on the size of the partners genitalia even when your hyeman is broken vaginal sex can be painful/ cause bleeding if not properly lubricated.

This is completely anecdotal on my part, but I've heard some guys with smaller members don't end up stretching/tearing the skin.

Anywho, I hope this helps and I hope I didn't overshare. Definitely reach out for help to someone you trust if things progress to possible pregnancy.