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Please reply... No clue what to do about this and I need advice asap


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My and my boyfriend have been together a little over a year and a few months. Recently a few weeks ago, we had a rough patch. At that time we were starting to drift a bit and not hanging out, silent walks, and I was devestated when he broke up with me. A little bit later, he offered to try and work it out and I said yes because he means so much to me and I love him more than anything. Here’s the thing. During our talk when he broke it off briefly he told me everything from a month before and so forth was a lie. And things before that became a lie. Things that were very dear and close to my heart and made me happy thinking about. It hurt me very bad, and the next day he acted like everything was fine and it was. However, right now I’m in an awful spot and I’ve been struggling with depression for years, and the weight of what happened is on me even worse and it’s hard to get over it. I trust him, but it’s hard to believe certain things he says.
I haven’t told him I’m still upset about this.
During the talk he said he wanted to hang out more, me be more clingy like I use to be before the rough spot, but I plan the hang outs and sometimes he just doesn’t want to or plans stuff with friends and if we do hang out, like recently, it’s for getting a quick bite then taking him back home right after when we have the availability to hang out. I call him sometimes throughout the days because we have school but the other day he yelled at me for doing so. I give him plenty of free time, I love him so much. What do I do?

Raven Faye

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Well I've been in the same situation once and frankly it's obvious he doesn't want you...he wants what he can get out of you. I had to differentiate between what was healthy for me and what wasn't. So if you feel like your being used and mistreated invest your time into something else. All he wants is to use and bully you around. If you have a hard time accepting this think back, and count the amount things you've done for him and what has he done for you including the outcomes of these actions. If they show that they are more negative than positive then this isn't healthy.

You deserve better, but you are going to have to realize that and believe it on your own. When you do cut all ties you have with him, and work on you. It's going to hurt for awhile, but it's going to benefit you in the end.