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Personal "bucket lists"

Miss Cleo

I recently watched the movie "The Bucket List" and it really got me thinking. Has anybody given any thought to the stuff they would just love to have done while on this side of life?


New Member
Never seen the movie, but I have:

- Bungee Jumping
- Sky Dive
- Get married
- Get a Degree in Criminal Psychology
- Jump off a Dam (like in Last Holiday)
- Be able to Dance on stage just once, by myself, to a song I really love but is not your usual song to dance to.
- Tell my sister to "**** off and stop sticking her nose in my personal life - as well as other peoples lives" - WITHOUT me getting in trouble for it!
- Die doing something totally bad-ass.
Ooh as easy as that sounds Meow Kiss it would be so, so very hard to do. Life is full of so many obsticles. Thats a really good goal!

I want stability. I spent the last 10 years being reckless and stupid and loving it! raising all sorts of hell! Lol. Don't get me wrong.... Im not getting old and crusty or anything, I just want stability. NOT marriage though? Thats a little too scary for me. I dont want kids either.... Damn things cost too much! Just something to keep me grounded and allow to feel secure. So far so good though


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I haven't seen the movie yet, either - so many movies, so little time :D - but I think it's important to try to do all those important things while we're young and healthy (instead of waiting for a doctor to tell us we only have x amount of time left).

Enjoy life and live it to the fullest - that's my motto - cos who knows when we'll "kick the bucket"! ;)