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pathetic gurl who desperately needs advice!!!!!


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Okay I rlly need advice. Soooo first a lil context (skip it if u dont care im probably way to dramatic so yeah dont judge me)

... i am in the fourth grade of high school, after this year i will be going to university. Since the first week of school, i kind of might have fallen in love with this boy, which we are going to call V. He liked me back, i heard from our mutual friends, but somehow nothing really ever happened. In the second year I kind of had a boyfriend, who knew i was still crushing on V. That boyfriend was btw one of Vs best friends, so he probably knew V liked me too. That boyfriend does not rlly matter bc i dumped him after a week via text (oops). In the third year, I still liked V. AND NOW I AM STILL INTO HIM AND HE STILL LIKES ME BACK (at least thats what i heard and what i hope)
V is the perfect guy, he is smart, hes cute. Sometimes he texts me, and every time he does we end up texting til 5. He teases me, but in a cute way. He lets me wear his hoodies(!major sign!). We play videogames together, which he loves and i kind of secretly enjoy too? (imma mariokart queen but he wants to play those shitty violent games) anyways he also has this fluffy messy hair that id love to stroke my hand through.(like conan gray but then blonde and lil more tame:))) And like he's so fashionable like a&f all the way, and sometimes he touches my shoulder and aaaa ohmygod. I might even love that dude.

So our christmas gala is coming up hes going too. Its this thursday. So i have a rlly cute outfit, but i kind of have the feeling that he is planning on asking me or something, bc usually my friends and his friends tease me about him when we're like hanging out but they havent been doing that lately?? also i told my first grade student mentor (who goes to uni now but will come to the gala as an alumni) that i liked V and now hes coming and hes probably going to ship us and interfere and stuff but when i typ all this shit i seem like super dramatic but im just so scared!!!!

im a virgo, and i tend to overthink every single thing and i like to come prepared. i cannot prepare for a relationship or date and all the negativities just scare the **** outta me. How can i stop thinking like that? and should i just ask him out? or should i wait till he asks me, but what if he doesnt? what if i do ask him and he says no and its gonna be awkward for ever???? im scared af!!!!!! please help..

kisses, yo desperate and hopeless gurl :)

ps so i just reread this and i sound like some pathetic 12 year old but like im not im a 19 year old who seriously needs help (and is probably on her period)
pps im new to this forum situation so thats prbbly why im doing stuff differntly (=wrong)

sandy brady

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awwwwwww this is acc cute. bless you.
I think if u like him then ask him out. its a simple yes or no and its your final year so if he says no then pffft his loss. If you dont like taking the lead u can let it go , but i think men like bold women so u go for it girl xx