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Paternity leave


I hear that in some European countries, fathers are entitled to time off from work for varying periods of time, to be around their newborn and the child's mother. Why isn't this as standard as maternity leave is?

Miss Cleo

LOL. If they ever tried that down here, we'd have a baby boom in no time and all the guys would be on the beach with Red Stripe. I think it's an excellent idea and I know a few forward thinking companies here have adopted such a policy.
Seriously, don't you think that the US should sort out its maternity leave before thinking about paternity leave?! The state of leave here just through FMLA and whatever time you can save up is pretty shocking-no where near the European standards.


New Member
Another anomaly. Although working Mums have the option to ask to work part-time, the same request from Dads isn't usually viewed so sympathetically, even if it's so they can share child-care.


Paternity leave would really be great but as AnythingGoes says, the maternity issue needs to be properly sorted out and women granted what should be theirs.


I think we have enough problems with finding jobs for fathers right now in this country. We can figure out how to let them work less, once we find jobs for them, right?