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I need your help!!!

I dont know what to do. Me and my cousin are totally opposite, but we have been like sisters ever sense birth. We have only small differences in our age sense I was born in may and she December. But I think that these days we are starting to drift apart and it make me really sad and well today she has been complaining about everything I do. So I deleted her on snapchat and shut off my phone. I feel super empty and I just can't stop crying... And well it kind of made my depressed and I...

Shoe porn!!


gosh I love these, even though they put me 6'3".

Which Dress?

Which dress should I get to wear for dinner and drinks with my Mum and her friends? Shirt dress or swing dress? Either will be paired with black tights and ankle length black boots!

What you see now on tv.

It can be a older tv-show. Or a new tv-show.

Everyone can talk in here. Who likes tvprogram.

I see Star Trek.

Peek-a-boo shoulders now?

So what about this new trend in dresses to show the shoulders in little cut outs I never thought shoulders were particularily attractive- and in my case, I have shoulders like Ms Obamma.

How to make hair stay straight?

My hair is naturally wavy/curly, and somewhat thick. After showering, and washing and drying my hair, I have to straighten it to make it look tidy, otherwise it doesn't look like I've even brushed it (even though I have). So here's the problem:
I have both a straightening iron and a straightening brush, both straighten my hair fantastically well, they both smooth out all the curls, even my fringe (which is curlier as it's shorter). But I can spend ages straightening my hair until it's...

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