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Have you ever tried on a bra or bikini in a shop? Does it ever bother you who has tried in on before? ?Have you ever got measured for a Bra?

I have never done it yet.

Confused But Tempted

Hi, normally I come to the forum for advice for my daughter. But today I need advice for myself. I am a mid 40ish single mom with a 14 year old daughter. I am an attractive woman with a nice figure. Raising my daughter has been my primary concern and thus my dating life has become secondary to me. I honestly have not been with a guy in over 4 years. Recently I received an offer to start a relationship with an extremely attractive woman. I may be wrong but I believe the offer is of a non...

Stripes are slimming?

I am a fan of stripes as a pattern on clothes, and I was told that stripes are slimming. But whenever I wear them, I find it has the opposite effect! :-/ I recently got a pair of jeans which are striped, and they make me look bigger. It also happened when I wore my old dressing gown, also striped. I'm confused!

Wardrobe malfunction

Hi everyone!! Didn't really know where or who to ask about what happened to me this morning without having creepy men reading/commenting etc, so here I am!! Long story short, I've just been out for coffee and window shopping with my friend, and ended up in one shop trying on some shoes. However as I was sitting on the floor taking them off a store assistant came over to me and just said "excuse me" so I stood up thinking I was blocking her way. NO!!!! She then said someone had complained...

Showing yourself?

Hi girls,

Not sure if this is the right forum, but I don't know which other would be more suited.

I have recently discovered that I enjoy showing myself off discretely. Like wearing a white top and no bra under when out in public and having a nipple slip on purpose when I wear a bikini, or sometimes when I'm in the changing room at a store, I won't close it completely and then change... I find it really intense to know that guys see it but they think I don't know about it.

Am I the only...

Hi Does Anybody Like Prince Harry Here?

I've been keeping updated with news about Prince Harry, I wrote to him a couple of times but he didn't reply, mum says to stop fantasizing lol.
I wonder if any of you guys are also interested in Prince Harry.
I might be going to UK soon, but don't know when, maybe we can be friends!

dad does productive hobbies how do I get them?

my dad has really productive hobbies, he reads books on chemistry and physics, he watches documentaries I do too but I don't like to read, I mainly watch more comedy he mainly watches educational things. Why is learning so boring? I love lectures but I never remember after it what the person said. I wouldn't be able to retell it. so I think i have the potential to be like my dad to love learning more then what i currently consider fun.how do I learn to love to learn over anything else? how...

What is fashion?

What do you think fashion is? It has multiple meanings and definitions.Fashion seems to be one of the hottest topics but what does it really means?
I feel fashion means something that's popular and common in certain place and time. Fashion forms from the thoughts, styles and global phenomenons of the world.Fashion is everything: the clothes and accessories, the cars, the furniture, the architecture, the way we talk, act, and think.

Whats your thought about it??

What things do you buy on Internet?

Do you usually do Internet shopping? Or you only like to see what's new?
What things do you buy? Clothes? Jewelry? Cosmetics?
Please, tell me! :)

I usually buy things I can't find in my town or even in my country, But slowly i got addicted to internet shopping, I buy bags, accesories or Clothes, things like that.

Ponytails - yes or no?

Hello :)
I need some advice. I've always worn my hair in a ponytail and it's the only way I feel comfortable with it. Recently, my friends and family have been hounding me about wearing it down and I'm torn - part of me thinks I can wear my hair how I want and I shouldn't listen to them, the other part thinks maybe I should. I have worn my hair down for certain occasions and always have it down at home but I just feel too weird about having it down in public. I worry that maybe I look...

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