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Hi Girls i just want to talk to someone about something because its been bothering me. I mean not alot but i cant get it off of my mind thinking about it.

Well here goes.

My boyfriend has this small business where he sells empty ink cartridges. and he has this active buyer who buys his items almost every week.

But the thing is that the buyer (which is a he) had to go back to his hometown so he wont be able to make transactions with him anymore. so the buyer said that his girlfriend will just do it for him. (they’re probably in a long distance relaationship) Lets just call the girl Jill

I didnt know about Jill until i asked if i could go with him (selling his items). before the meet up, my boyfriend told me that he ACCIDENTALY deleted their conversation on his phone. which i doubt but didnt think to much about it.

we waited at a park for Jill. And when she came, she literally ignore me. i mean no eye contact not even a simple smile. but smiled at my boyfriend. The bench where we sat was full so i had to stand up for Jill to sit down because they had to count the cartridges.

She was laughing and they were chatting. after that. She waved goodbye to him and pretended that i didnt exist. no eye contact

then i thought about the time he said that he accidentally deleted their convo and her behavior. should i be bothered about this? or im just overthinking it???


Staff member
The whole situation seems a little suspicious to me. (It would be great if you could plant some kind of listening device on your boyfriend, such as a microphone under his lapel, without his knowing and listen to their conversation the next time he sells his items to her.)
You might like to offer to do the transaction for him, the next time he sells his items, and see if she's as friendly to you.

If he's not usually a flirt with other women, it might all be a coincidence. I'd just observe what he does from now on, for any suspicious behavior.


New Member
No man in the history of time "accidentally" deletes a text message with a random girl, that's suspicious. Trust your gut, seriously. The entire situation sounds shady. Also if your boyfriend was ok with this "Jill" broad ignoring you, he's trash.