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Organic Soap


The other day, I saw some "organic soap". I was wondering if anyone has tried this before. I'm sure it is good for you because it is all natural, but I'm kind of afraid, because I break out from everything.


I haven't seen it or even heard of it. But I am sure it's out there somewhere. These days, you can always get organic 'stuff' of almost anything you need.


Staff member
I read that organic soap is made with organic materials (which not only helps the environment, but helps our skin and body as well).

But I also read that only a label that says 100% Organic contains only organic ingredients.
An "Organic" label means that the product is made from 95-99% organic ingredients, while
the "Made with Organic Ingredients" label means it is made from only 70-94% organic ingredients.

To be on the safe side, we might be better off making our own soap - that way we know exactly what the ingredients are and we can use only organic materials. (It might be less expensive as well.) :)