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So i have these two friends, which i consider best friends. One of them has been my best friend for four years and the other i recently started to get close to a year ago. Our senior year started great with us hanging out all the time but slowly they started to leave me out of things. I didn’t say anything at first but one of my friends (she’s a new girl and i introduced her around) told me that i should talk to them. So i did. I told them how it made me feel that everyday they would leave without me for lunch. Only one of them responded and she barely apologized but we eventually got passed it. Come to find out from the new girl that my two friends were going on vacation together and they didn’t even invite me. They didn’t even tell me that they were going there, i had to find out from the new girl. Once again i hit them up telling them how i felt and this time i got attitude from one of them while trying to understand why they were being so distant. I always do the most for my friends because i really value those type of relationships. Growing up as an only child, i was able to y’all go my friends about issues in place of having a sibling. So, of course it hurt that i wasn’t being treated the same way as i treated them. Anyways, the new girl was telling me how fake my two friends were and messed up it was that they were excluding me. She even told her mom and her mom said “**** them”. After all this though, me and my two friends started talking again and we sort of resolved the issue. Now they’re on vacation and im looking at all their posts, of course a little jealous, and i see the new girl commenting cute things as if they’re her best friends!! Do i have a right to be mad? How do i get over this?


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Yeah, if i were you i would be mad and sad. Actually, I was in the same situation and that made me sick all the time because of my two bestfriends, they did things without telling me anything or inviting me. It was hurtful but i decided to let them down too, it wasn't easy bu trust me, more time passes the more we see that we are okay when we are far for some people. Take care of yourself, treat people the way they treat you.
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Hey, don't let this event control your mind and body because it is just going to affect your health. Try to forget and move on. There is a whole life ahead of you to live and enjoy, people will come and go.


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of course you had a right to be mad! however, usually it's not worth any effort being angry. Simply move on and walk away, you'll meet plenty new better friends asap!