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Online but not necessarily entertainment


Staff member
Hi ladies! Have you ever experienced unfair treatment while posting on the internet? If you have, you're not alone.

It has been my observation that women and girls are too often criticized for expressing their views and opinions while a man can say much worse and what he says is accepted - he is even praised for his way of thinking.

So if you've ever received this kind of treatment, you're not alone and you weren't imagining things. ;)


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Absolutely Yes! And it seems to happen a lot and I’ve seen it happened to many other women too. It has actually made me very shy in many situations to even express my opinion about things. I will find myself without even realizing sitting quietly off to the side just listening for fear of being shot down.

in on case - I had followed along with an interesting thread and then finally posted what I thought was a really interesting comment and point of view which I took my time with to make sure it was well written. I ended up getting blasted by a couple and ignored by most. Then, some time later this guy comes out with the same idea only really sloppily written and he gets praised by everyone like he’s some kind of genius

sometimes I think it’s all a big plot to keep us in our place.