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One Direction Anyone? (:

I think that there are songs as " one way or another " or " rock me" that have a great beat, instead others have.... nothing special. But I like songs played by more than a singer so I have their songs on my iPod.


I don't like their music ...Every song sounds the same o_O and songs are really stupid, like they were written for kids... Buttttt I think Zayn Malik is daaamn fine, and Harry is cute :3


I like One Direction and they are one of my favourite bands however the whole Tyler & Liam situation has made me slightly dislike Liam.


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Kinda hate every one who said they hate them because literally I can counter every single one of your arguments on why you think they are bad. They are the number 1 band in the world as of right now. Did anyone watch the Brits? so all of you people saying they suck and stuff you might want to check again cause I'm pretty sure bands don't win awards for being the most successful band in the world when they suck. Thank you.
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