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on a bus....


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Well I was at a work party and we had hired a private coach, on the way back a boy sat next to me. I knew who he was and he was really sweet but I was drunk. I remember he had his arms wrapped round me the whole way home and he was playfully poking me in the side and he made sure I got home safe. I remember him teasing me and kissing me- a quick peck- twice, but I cant remember the rest and don't really know the conversations we had. I might be over analysing but do you think he likes me? afterall, he put his arms round me, kissed me and looked after me drunk??
That may be the reason why, and it explains his behaviour. But it might also be the case that he was taking advantage of you as you were drunk and unaware of your actions. But he did care for you during the time, so it may be a possibilty. If you want my opinion, I think the story is cute, a boy suddenly taking care of you as soon as you had too many drinks.

But in the future, I advise you to lay off the alcohol, it may have been a party but anything could have happened that night without you knowing. But I hope you had fun, and if you start growing feelings for this man, I suggest you be confident and give it a good go.
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If you had say he had simply taken care of you while you were drunk... I'd say yes! Thats so cute! But he kissed you? Like Chocoholique said, it seemed like he took advantage of you. Thats not really nice.


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I think the guy might have been a bit drunk too, you never know. He was definitely taking advantage from what you can describe but from what you described, you had fun and that is what matters.:)