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You don't send anything, hon! Tell him to take a hike!!

When we send a nude of ourselves to a guy, assume that eventually the whole world, literally!, is going to see it and the embarrassment will follow you around for the rest of your life! I know it sounds dramatic but, too often, our nudes get into others' hands - whether it's because;

someone hacked into our husband's account,

we broke up with the boyfriend/husband and he turned nasty,

the guy we met online wants to share it with his buddies so he can brag:
"I can get a woman to do anything I want, even send naked pictures of herself. The stupid ...", {an actual conversation}

he can use it to blackmail us (and blackmailers often never quit):
"I'm not satisfied with just a boob pic. Send a complete nude/meet me at.../give me $ or everyone you know will see what you do online...",

years later, when you're married:
"If you don't want your husband to know what you and I did, give me...",
"What do you think daddy would say if I showed him the pics you sent me, and showed them to all his friends?!", etc.

Don't ever send nudes, hon (or even pictures of you in your underwear/revealing clothes):
If you're already intimate with him, he can use his memory. Otherwise, the risk is too great.
If you haven't been intimate with him yet, he has no right to invade your privacy like that - and a decent guy doesn't ask for nudes.
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Christinegirl's advice is the best. Don't.

There are too many horror stories about women sending nudes.

Just don't.

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no of course. one day he will use it against you. boys like this didn't respects girls.
2 years ago one girl in my country kill herself and u know what was the reason? one boy Threatened her with her photos. its too sad story.
girl ended her life with suicide and boy is in prison now. but what? he is alive and she is not...