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New here


be good lady
Amy, i am fifteen and is learning much from older ladies here to enjoy my life. i think here most gals are 20-35 here.

i think good forum for because all honest & informative ladies on this forum. hope enjoy your time with us


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amy i am 33. hope you enjoy your time with us ladies on this forum.

i think most girls here are very positive and friendly in their advice
Miss Rhonda, Gosh I hope you are just joking. i believes important to have ladies of all ages to give there opinions on questions and concerns on this forum. i certainly would not want to be counseled by only young people because of limited benefit. i know i am at the opposite being very young but would greatly value opinions of some one of your experienced level.

my family and friends say i very wild and ignorant about social skills and reason i joined this forum. i have already learned much about be lady from here.

i will pray today you remain and share your thoughts with us here forever.