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New Health & Fitness Moderator!


<b>Community Manager</b>
Hi girls,

Just a quick message to let you all know that one of our regular members Cassie has joined the forum staff team as a moderator for the health and fitness sections!

Cassie will be helping you all out with some fab health advice as usual and helping keep the sections running smoothly!

Welcome aboard Cass! xx


Thanks Bex :)

I hope I'll be able to do a good job for you all. I'm a nurse and have particular experience in sexual health.
I'll do my best to answer any questions or concerns, but please bear in mind that the best general advice you can get is that if you're worried about anything, go to see your doctor.

If anyone wants to ask me a question in private if you think it's too embarrassing, you're welcome to PM me.

Thanks girls

Cass x


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Here are some simple fitness tips for everyone.These tips help for mostly working peoples.

1. Just by taking the stairs to the 4th floor where I live, I add an extra approximately 11,000 stairs to my daily routine per month. For me, it is usually faster than the elevator, doesn't make me tired, but does keep me active.
2. Unless you're going to a professional sports game where the parking lots are miles long, park a ways away from the front door. I park approximately 500 steps away from my truck at my house even though there is parking approximately 50-100 steps from the front door.
3. Buy a pedometer. You can find them for relatively cheap, around $20 or so, and if you're a competitive person like I am, it will become a game against yourself. Set your goal for 10,000 steps per day. If you buy a little fancier one it will even calculate miles and calories burned. Track your progress in a simple Google Docs spreadsheet and try to improve a little more each day.
4. Buy a blue tooth headset for your office. If you're usually stuck at your desk all day long on conference calls, buy a blue tooth headset for your office phone. Then, take your calls from the headset and walk around your office if you don't need to be behind a computer screen. If you're going to try this, make sure you get a Plantronics set.
5. Pick up workout bands. You can hide these easily in a desk drawer or carry them in your bag when you're traveling. These little bands will allow you to get in a decently intense workout when you can't make it to the gym. Even if you do make it to the gym regularly, you should add these into your workout. Check out AJ Leon explain how he uses these to stay fit while traveling.
6. Go for a walk around the building at lunch. Take 10 minutes at lunch time and take a walk around your building. Just this little additional exercise will help to energize for the long afternoon ahead and will add a couple more thousand steps into your daily routine.


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First off, love the book and have been implementing it over the past few weeks.

I'm already a vegetarian and pretty active, I surf, skateboard and have been swimming consistently two-three days a week for about 5 years or so.

Recently the gym/pool has become very unattractive and I've been trying to get most of my excercise outside (I live on the coast in New England) surfing, biking and longboard skating - I've just also started to take a morning stroll on the beach on fridays.

I'm starting to feel the effects of not swimming consistently, but not very interested in returning to it. I have a paid membership at the gym through March.

Enough babble - my question is - How do you form an excercise habit when you are doing many different activities on different days? I want to do fun stuff like longboard skate two times a week, walk on the beach or run (although I hate running), surf (until winter hits).

I know Leo runs, but its pretty easy to just slap on the sneaks and go for a 20 minute run - 5 times a week.