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New boss.


New Member
I started a new job recently and my new boss text me two days in a row asking me how my day was 2-3 hours after hours.

I’m one of the two girls in the place. Is this weird that he text me? Why is he asking about my day?

he is a ugly fat man and I’m a young attractive women and I feel uncomfortable? Should I feel uncomfortable? I just dont understand why he would text me after hours.


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Some bosses work late into the evening so it might not be too unusual. He may be asking how your day was because you're new, also.

I would ask the other employees, especially the other woman who works there, does he do this to other workers (and/or did he do this when they first started working for him). If he did, then maybe this is just how he supervises.
If you (and possibly the other woman) are the only employees he treats/treated like this, it could be a red flag. Maybe mention (casually, in a conversation) that you're in a relationship and it's serious (whether you are or not ;)) and try not to be alone with him at work or stand too close for too long (if you can) - and just be alert/observant for any inappropriate behavior on his part.
If he starts acting inappropriately, either at work or after hours, maybe have your phone on "record" when you have to interact with him and if he does anything inappropriate, hopefully you'll have proof - even if it's just the sound. Then if he does something, you can say (for example): "Why did you just ..."
If he starts to act inappropriately, and the company/business has a Human Resources Department, ask them what the company policy is for sexual harassment. Companies should take this kind of behavior very seriously. And employees can often sue the company when they've been sexual harassed on the job.

Good luck, hon, and please let us know how things go (if you'd like). :)


Hi Sadgirl87, I do not think this is too unusual in my opinion. I do think however, that if this does become a reoccurring thing you have a right to be concerned or uncomfortable. I definitely would be.

@Christinegirl provided some very good suggestions. If others coworkers have had those same experiences in the past with your boss I would not be too concerned. But, you have a right to your own feelings and if your gut is telling you something is up don't hesitate to contacting your human resources department like @Christinegirl mentioned, cause you have that right if you feel uncomfortable within your workplace.