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Need some help


New Member
My boyfriend told me to change my look since I dont really care much about clothes and such. I usually wear jeans and plaid but we gonna go to prom next week and I dont know what to wear
It would be nice if you guys can help


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Gasp! I know this was over four and a half years ago but my advice is just as timely today:

maybe if ya have a boyfriend who tells you to change your look - keep your look and change your boyfriend! ;) :D

sandy brady

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Christinegirl is SAVAGE, I love it. Very true.
Depends on his intentions, if its like " oh your very pretty and laid back, but for prom, it would be so much fun if you changed up your look and wore a pretty dress" thats a nice way to say please dont wear jeans next to me in my suit.
but if it was just like " oh, you dont look feminine, change it" then he gotta go.


New Member
I agree! You don't have to change your look just because others don't like it. Wear what makes you comfortable. Never mind your boy! :D He would have no choice but to accept your choice of clothing.