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Need Some Advice Please


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Hi my name is Sarah, I am 15 years old and I have a 11 and half year old brother we are wicked close but lately he is becoming really nosey and curious about everything always trying to look in my room to see what I'm doing which can be awkward at times.
And the other thing is he's wanting to wrestle and rough house a lot more recently and I have no idea why or what's going on in his head, when I ask he just giggles, so any advice or any idea why you think he's doing it would be very helpful ?


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I think I might just have the answer to this Sarah as I went through something quite similar around the time I was the same age as you.

My younger brother was twelve at this time, and would get up to very silly tricks to look into my bedroom, always around the time I was either dressing or undressing...He would quite often catch me in just my bra and panties!..And shock horror, once caught me with no bra on so got a "Full Eyeful" of my almost fully developed breasts, fortunately I had panties on so he did fail to see me completely naked.

He did on one occasion actually see me pleasuring myself.

Talking this over with some girlfriends at school we came to the conclusion that ALL BOYS must become curious (perhaps because their hormones are starting to kick in) in wanting to see our rapidly changing bodies.

Because of nature and because we are female, our bodies obviously change the most visually....Breasts and Hips especially.

I took the decision to ask my brother why he was behaving in such a strange way because I was finding it upsetting and disturbing...The answer he gave me was exactly as I have already explained.

I made it very clear that although I loved him dearly, and still do, his actions must stop immediately otherwise I would have no other choice than to talk this through with our Mother.

I also pointed out to him that in a few years time he would more than likely have a girlfriend, and would then have the exciting time of looking at and exploring her body.

I never really had any further trouble after this, there were the occasional times when he would catch me leaving the bathroom after taking a shower, but I would always have either a towel or bathrobe on.

As we grew older there were the very rare occasions when he would inadvertently see me rushing around the house like a lunatic in just my bra and panties as I was frantically getting ready to go out...By then though he had become much more mature and would casually look the other way.

Well, that's my story and thoughts on this, I do hope this will perhaps help and maybe enlighten you a little.

Please keep us posted on this, won't you.
This is a very hard subject to give advice...all situations are different.
You ultimately know best, use your instincts to best deal with the subject.
A parent can help!
Ask a respected family member to be with you to help to reinforce a serious conversation in this matter!!!

You need to give him the older sister talk.
Your changing and he needs to understand that you are starting to transition from a child, like he is, into a young woman.
Young women, like yourself, need to do things a child doesn't do.
You will always be a sister to him, just you are not that child anymore.

Explain, it is not proper for him to treat you like a child anymore, you are now a young women, and young women need to have your own space and do things that cannot be shared with a child. Letting him know, he will not be a child for long but a young man soon.

Be respectful to him and start treating him like a young man, and he may get the message. Treat those like you would like to be treated.
It may sound silly, or like a lost cause but "work it"...be patient.
If he is doing something you do not like, sit him down with a serious attitude and state your feeling in the matter.
You are the older person here, take charge of the situation...
I hope I didn't scare you, I know it isn't easy getting older and you can't do some things you use to like to do....becoming woman is one of those things we all have struggled with.
Training your brother while giving him respect will help him understand and in the future, will pay dividends as he will support your opinions and seek your advice when he gets older.


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I went through this with my younger brothers (one is a year younger than me and the other is 3 years younger). As stated before it's an age thing, I think. They're curious and...well..awkward. For some reason my younger brother got obsessed with knowing everything about my period when I was about 12 (I had already been having them for 2 years then though). It's just an awkward thing that preteen boys go through.