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Need help with style


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Hello there.

I am very very bad at dressing myself, lol. I've never had an interest in clothes or how I look (much), really. But I realize that's something I need to care about now, especially since I'm teaching. The thing is, I don't know how to assess what kinds of clothing styles look good on me and what kinds don't.

To give you some information about me: I'm 5 ft, 110 pounds. I have short legs. My thighs are heavy, and my upper arms are also heavy-ish. I have a nice bust, and a thin waist; it's just my arms and legs that are distasteful, for me.

I normally wear cardigans with some tank tops underneath and some jeggings (as I think they're called now?). I'm not one for wearing dresses and skirts and things merely because I don't know what to wear on top. I don't like showing off my arms at all (and it's looked down upon here in Japan anyway). My hair (brown) falls down to my bust, I wear glasses, and I have freckles (not sure if that's important).

I don't know what my body shape is. I think it's a pear, but I'm not sure. My face is...round or square? Not all that sure.

Anywho, given my height and strange body proportions, I don't know what kind of outfits would be good for me. If you guys can suggest anything, or if you have some examples of clothes that would look good on me, I'd really appreciate that! If it's not too much trouble, that is.

:] Thanks for helping out a stranger!
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What i do is find a celeb whose style i really like and try to dress like that.
For example if you like a singer say Britney Spears and shes got a £500 top on and £200 jeans, which is out your budget try and find similar looking items and put the outfit together.
Even when you are walking down the shopping mall and see the shop displays and the styles in the video copy that and put your own twist to it.
Hope it helps :)


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i sure they must have a dress code at school but i would look at what other female teachers are wearing and copy them. you should accent your best features which from your description is your breasts and waist with in the confines of the dress code.
Great advice already given. I can only add that you should either wear longer sleeves to attract less attention to your arms or something with no sleeves at all. Wearing darker colors can also help.