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Need Bra Help!

Zoha Rahman

New Member
Hey girlies! I didn't really know where to post this thread but here it goes.
So, i'm really lazy and haven't gone to get bra fitted. I've kind of experimented around I guess.
I ordered a few 34C bras which were too big. Well the band was too big. I feel like the cups would fit had the band been smaller. So I ordered 32C bras which were way too small. I was busting out of the cups. So I measured myself like 3 times and always got a 32D.
So I need some advice. Do you think a 32D would be my actual bra size because of how the other sizes fitted? Any advice would be appreciated. I know I should just go with my mom and get myself fitted.
Btw: the bras were from different places.


New Member
Gee, I wish I had boobs :( Im 16 and still completely flat chested I don't even fit into a cup bra! Consider yourself lucky.
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Audrey hill
Gee, I wish I had boobs :( Im 16 and still completely flat chested I don't even fit into a cup bra! Consider yourself lucky.
You are 16 don't worry you will hit puberty plus while you have less boobs you have sexy bra styles for you.. once you boost on your bust your bra fashions dies literally


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^ Do you realise that Cupcakeluv101 has not been active here for the past four years, and will in actual fact now be a 20 year old woman. lol


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...with less styles to choose from. :oops:
And don't get me started on those thin straps that dig into our shoulders! They "can send a man to the moon" but they can't make a bra with wide straps!!:D


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My mother put me in a 36C when I was 16 or so. Fit perfect then, and fits well today. I did go up to a 38 later when I had a professional bra fitting. That the best thing girls- of there is any doubt/discomfort go to a professional.


Yes, go to a professional for a fitting. I'm sure they will help you.

As far as cupcakeluv101 is concerned: having big boobs is both a blessing and a curse. I have always been big breasted (DD cup) as far back as I can remember. But my daughter has gone from an A cup (2 years ago) to a D cup recently. So give it time, everyone develops at a different pace.