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What do you think?

  • He likes you

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  • Hes just being friendly

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  • Forget about him

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  • Confront him

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New Member
So there is a really long back story to this but I do need some advice. I'll give the gist of the story without typing a novel.

Basically I have known this guy for about 3 years now. (we'll call him T). We met while in our second year of university. I started seeing my current boyfriend shortly after meeting this other guy. Even while dating my boyfriend I have always remained close to T, he has never been one to commit to anyone or date anyone so it was always a close friend type of thing. However, he started doing things for me that he doesn't do for our other friends. what had happened is that he said he was going to buy me this smartwatch that I really wanted.

We would always go out as a group after a semester and the last one that we went to we all got very drunk and he became very "boyfriend ish". My friends always said that he was very protective of me and that they can tell that he cares about me a lot but I was always in denial just because I didn't see what they were seeing. However, it was our grad and we went to a pool party afterwards and I started noticing it A LOT. We were always close so it never was anything but he was holding me in the pool for a majority of the night because we were all holding drinks and the pool was deep, he would go and grab drinks for me as well whenever he got up for himself, he offered his place for me and my girlfriends to stay, we were sleeping and he put his arm around me, we were in the hot tub all together and he was very boyfriend like again by helping me take off my bracelet and he also had a running joke that I was basically his girlfriend but without benefits. all my close friends have said that he would do anything for me and it is true because whenever I have been upset he would be ok to come and pick me up or do anything to make things better.

just let me know what you think?? I'm just confused as to whether or not I should give him a try or not.


New Member
All I can say is trust your instinct. If you really know that he is liking you and you want to give him a try then go ahead otherwise not. May be he is looking his best friend in you or may be soulmate.


Staff member
Well your first mistake was saying or indicating that you would accept his gift of a smartwatch. This smacks of payola, and were he to give you the watch he would quite rightly expect something in return. Some women accept money rather than watches. Next mistake was not telling him instantly when he became "very boyfriendish" that he was out of line. There is a time and place for this of course, but it comes after some serious commitment beforehand. If you think this guy is worth salvaging then you must have a serious discussion and a plan for how the relationship will progress- if of course it does.


New Member
He definitely has a thing for you but now he’s gonna expect something back because that watch. Do you like him or are you still in a relationship? This could get messy really fast so confront him


New Member
Okay so, this might be a very late response but I just came across your topic.
I don't think one of you did something wrong. He is a very good friend of yours and he knew you really wanted that watch. It was just a kind gesture of him. It's ridiculous that we're in this world where we can not accept gifts from good friends just because it's a guy and he might expect something in return.
I think he just really likes you and he has grown some feelings for you. It sounds like you have a good relationship with him and if you feel comfortable, you can give it a shot.

Just do whatever feels right for YOU.