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Need Advice For Crush!


New Member
Hello! So I'm currently having my very first huge crush (I've had a lot before but this one is the most intense T.T) and for the first time, I really want to get close to him. We are in the same philosophy class in college, but not in the same program (he's in health science and I'm in computer science). The thing is that I've never really talked to any of my crushes before... however, I really want to get close to him, to be friends to him but I'm very shy and I always get so nervous when I'm around him. So here are some points: he's my neighbor in class. We both love maths a lot. I REALLY REALLY REALLY love his fashion sense a lot (especially his hoodies and his shoes; he's always wearing my favorite brands). But then, I don't know how to initiate a conversation with him. I want to compliment him on his clothes but I'm afraid because I'm really shy, I was thinking about bringing food in class but then again I don't know if that's weird :3 I actually want to ask you if it's alright to bring food, or to compliment him on his fashion sense xD is that weird? We're not close so idk :3 I'm open to all your suggestions ^.^