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My sister is receiving money from a foreign guy.


New Member
I have noticed that my sister has been buying expensive things lately. Last week, she bought an iPhone X and this week, she a new LV bag. I was wondering where she could actually get the money for those expensive stuff since she is still studying and although she has a part time job, it would not be enough to get such a huge sum of money to buy those things. Due to this, I decided to investigate because I was worried she’s getting the money from illegal doings. However, as I did my investigation, I found she is receiving this money from a foreign guy twice her age. I want to tell her off on this but I can’t because I don’t want to offend her, something like that. How should I confront her?


New Member
Many girls have sugar daddies, and that’s what this is in this situation. If you’re upset, there’s something you need to talk about with her. Just ask her simply, if she denies, say you know and don’t threaten her. If she does NOT oblige to stopping if that’s your intention, make her safety a point and make sure she knows it can be dangerous. (I hope she’s not under 18 )


Staff member
I'd be interested in finding out what sugar daddy is getting in return. Men seldom bankroll a young lady without some compensation.