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My husband doesn't want me to work.


New Member
Two months after delivering my twins, I told my husband I will be working again to help him with the household expenses but he didn’t agree. When the twins turned 2, I told him that I should really work because sometimes his salary is not enough to suffice all the expenses. He’s working as a chef in a foreign resto here in our place and his income is never enough. We should both work especially if the kids will be sent to school but he doesn’t want me to. When I told him again that I want to work, he got mad or maybe a bit insulted. He just wants me to stay at home while taking care of the kids. He didn’t get that I wanted to help him. I don’t want to be just sitting in the house while waiting for him to come home after a tiring work. How can I make him agree?


New Member
simply talk to him about it. Sit him down, make sure he’s in a calm and good mood. Ask him his reasons and to state them calmly so you can understand. Then, tell him this, that you want to work because it’s best for the children, him, and make it emphasized that you deserve happiness as well as the rest of you and working does so. It seems he’s either worried, or has the mindset that you will take care of the kids when he’s gone although they’ll have school. Maybe he’s worried about you. Either way, calm communication is essential.