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My husband: advice


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this is gonna be a bit of a long story but I really need some advice on this..

so basically I have been with my husband for 5 years and married almost a year. About 6 months ago I went to visit family for a few days (a different county). Anyway in that time he invited his best mate over for a drink at the house. (Best friend is a male). I’ve now found out (6 months after) that they both got very drunk and stuff happened between them. Oral sex. The only reason I found out is that I kept hearing my husbands phone going off during the night and I woke up thinking who it was. I opened his phone. (Which I never, ever do) but something in my gut was telling me to look.. and I found messages from the best mate and my husband saying how it was silly but there never going to tell anyone what happened.

what the hell do I do? I’ve confronted my husband and he tells me he was embarrassed to tell me and that he’s not gay. That he loves me and it was just a drunken night... but is this classed as cheating? I feel numb at the moment. The most thing I’m upset about is the fact he never told me about it. He wasn’t honest with me....


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He would have been ashamed to tell you about it. I'd be inclined to overlook it but I'd be very watchful to see if it ever happens again.

sandy brady

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am sorry to say differently, hundreds of men get drunk with their mates every night, I have personally never heard of " i accidentally got drunk and had oral with my mate and am not gay" I think there might be some hidden feeling behind the action, he might not be lying to you, but maybe more to himself


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Well, frankly no wife would approve of it. However, if you love him and he hasn't done anything similar earlier, then you could cut him a slack this one time and keep a watch on him. Have you ever found anything else in him earlier that rings a bell now ?