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My boyfriend wants to become a gamer streamer!!


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Good evening to all. I need some advice in particular from girls whose boyfriends are very into gaming or are streamers on platforms such as Twitch or Youtube. My boyfriend (who has not studied unlike me and that is also why we cannot fully understand each other as we grew up differently) really wants to work as a streamer on Twitch. Personally I am old fashioned and personally I think all these moneymaking apps like YouTube, Instagram and Twitch are a waste of time (again personal opinion) and a very risky place to work. He has a brilliant mind and could be capable of so much but he really wants to do this. I have a hard time picturing myself in the future with a guy who sits down on the sofa the whole day and makes money chatting with strangers and gaming. I really do not care if he makes a huge pile of money. I need to feel proud of him at the end of the day and I am afraid I wouldn't. I would feel embarassed to tell my family and friends what he does for a living, and would feel bad for him too, making me very sad. We tried to talk through it several times but there is no way. He used to make fun of this world and now wants to be a part of it. I cannot agree with it and cannot be with someone whose job makes me feel sad, dissatisfied and not proud of him. I really need advice here. Do your boyfriends do this for a living? Has this made them more lonely and isolated from society? Do you feel proud of them? Do you think this can be an investment? How do you feel about this overall? Did they become more lazy and less willing to do things with you? Any thoughts and opinions would be truly appreciated. I am on the verge of breaking up with him should he want to take this path. I am absolutely nobody to tell him he cannot do that, surely he can, but not with me in his life. He has so much potential and he is so intelligent it would make me depressed. Looking forward to hearing from you all.❤


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My "two-cents worth" :) opinion is: if he's happy and he's not hurting himself or anyone else (and he's making money), I'd be happy for him that he was able to make a living doing something he enjoyed.

I know it's a shame if his intelligence isn't used for something more important but we need entertainment/relaxation in life, too, and if he's helping someone relax after a hard day at work/to recharge their emotional batteries, etc., then maybe what he's doing is important, too. And you can be proud of him for that.

Your family and friends might think it's awesome that you know someone who makes a living sitting on the sofa the whole day, chatting with strangers and gaming. (I know a lot of people would love to earn a living that way. :D)

Hopefully he knows of any and all risks doing what he's doing.

Whether someone who does this for a living becomes lonely and isolated from society, I believe, has more to do with a person's temperament/personality. He'll have you so he shouldn't be lonely. A lot of workaholics could be considered "isolated from society" so I guess it depends on how many hours a day he works. (But if he enjoys what he's doing, he may not mind any long hours he puts in - and hopefully he'll still make time to do things with you.) If he spends too much time "working", maybe you can game with him and spend quality time with him that way. (If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em. :D)

It's interesting how a person's opinion of something can sometimes change when they know they can benefit from it, isn't it! :)

The bottom line is: if he's a good boyfriend otherwise, I wouldn't "throw him away" so soon. There aren't enough guys who are good-boyfriend-material out there. ;)