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My boyfriend wants me to always send him nudes...


New Member
I have no problem with sending my boyfriend anything in the slightest, however when we started dating he was more shy than me. This eventually leads to me spoiling him with pictures and etc. I think he may have gotten used to it. He now always asks me for them and although I want to send him something, its as if the roles have reversed and suddenly I feel like the shy one in the relationship. I am just so unconfident in myself that I always say no, what do I do?

Me: F18
Boyfriend: M18


In general i would STRONGLY advice against sending him nude or otherwise compromising pictures on the count you have no idea if he someday decides to post them on say a public social media, show them to brag for his friends ( ie male friends ), or even if you too someday break up punish you by publicizing said pictures, or indeed black mail you into doing things you dont whant to dear

Second you dont have to nor shall you feel obliged to do this. its youre right to refuse to do this and frankly based on youe own reply id say this isent something you feel comfortable with so you shouldent do it simple as that dear

Third over here in my country id lost count on how many times young girls have had their boyfriends/X boyfriends posting this cind of pictures on social medias and some has even chosen to end their lives due to it .


Let's put it this way. The internet is forever, and anything you send may well end up there if you don't have personal control over it. Guys can be jerks so don't give him any ammo he can use against you later if things go south.
Also keep in mind his change in confidence since you started sending him pics. Guys are governed by testosterone and if you keep throwing fuel on the fire you're going to be feeding the wrong animal, so to speak. If he likes you for who you are, fine. He therefore shouldn't be too insistent about getting more pics. Protect yourself, first and foremost. Turning on your bf is a secondary concern. If you're not BOTH comfortable, your relationship isn't going where it should anyway.