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my boyfriend makes jokes about my body...


New Member
i had to come back here with another problem because i have no one to talk to. very TMI but my boyfriend likes to try to be funny and make idiotic jokes about my body when he knows i’m already insecure. for example yesterday he told me that my nipples are sooo big. but then says he likes them. when he knows i’m insecure about that area. then proceeds to tell me i have “roast beef” down below and continues to talk about it in this way. it made me feel like complete shit because once again, that’s another part of me i hate. and then i get to thinking about his exes and their bodies and how he probably never had that issue with them. so now i just feel dejected & it’s bringing be back to a place mentally that i don’t want to be in. please i need some advice.


A few thoughts ...

1. He probably talked to his exes the same way. That's why they're his exes.

2. You say a couple of times that 'he knows I'm insecure,' so I'm guessing you must've already told him you don't like the way he talks about you. If you haven't, do it the very next time it happens. Tell him if he does it again you'll dump him and get a dog. (Thanks Anzu21)

3. Golden retrievers are nice.

PS: when you complain, often the response is "It's just a joke. Can't you take a joke?"

That's an attempt to make his behaviour your problem. It's not. It's his.

If he insists it's your problem, say "OK. Then I guess I'll have to solve it."

Then dump him and get a dog.