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My best solution for oily skin


Are you suffering from oily skin or black heads?
Here is the best solution for that .

Like any girl , I've been suffering from oily skin specially in mensrtuating times , but once I found this product , all these hatefull things gone.
It is a mask with turmeric.It is a herbal mask .It prevents outbreaks and pimples.Rejuvenates and firms up your skin. ( you'll scare the people around you but trust me girls , the results are awesome)
How to use it :
First, wash your face .Then, apply the mask evently over your face
( avoid the area around your eyes ) Next, allow it to dry for 10 - 15 minutes.Finally , remove it with a wet sponge .you can use it twice a week.

it'll make your skin bright , fresh and amazing . you can guarantee the results.
this product is available in every pharmacy . just ask the pharmacist about a herbal mask with turmeric.

I hope it'll be usefull for you girls .


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I totally agree even i dont use
cause the turmeric known since long time as a skin treatment ... my mother told me that


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aaah but the yellow will stain your skin, right? I'm still curious about that...I never have a turmeric applied on my face but I drink it routinely during pms

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thanks girls for this tipes, I get tired from using the sops it's doesn't help so I stop for a while from using them, n now after I know this tipes I'll try it...


Thanks I'm definately going to have to try that out.


Regardless of your age, oil - also known as sebum – is always produced by the sebaceous glands.

Located deep within the second layer or "dermis" of the skin, these glands are most plentiful in the face, neck, chest, head and back – one reason that these areas appear to be affected by oil production the most.

To get from the glands to your skin, the oils flow into nearby follicular pores, and eventually works its way to the surface. Here it plays a vital role in the health of both skin and hair.

"It helps seal moisture in, which gives hair that healthy sheen and helps keep skin plump and hydrated," says Charles E. Crutchfield III, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology, University of Minnesota Medical School Medical and Director, Crutchfield Dermatology.

But in some folks too much oil is produced. Skin and hair no longer look healthy, but instead, greasy, slick and even dirty.

One way to control that is with proper cleansing. But if you think you need harsh products to scrub away the extra oil, think again. Experts say that's a big – and all too common – mistake.



thanks girls for this tipes, I get tired from using the sops it's doesn't help so I stop for a while from using them, n now after I know this tipes I'll try it...
you're right , soaps are useless .. you can also try CLEARASIL >>> 3 Triple Action it's really good and it works miracles , I guess u know it , it appears on TV commercials and it is available in every pharmacy but if feet something , u should stop using it immediately ....


Hi girls , I'm back with another solution , honestly, it isn't for spots or oily skin and things like that but it is for normal and dry skin.It is amazing and it makes your skins firm and soft . It is a face mask and it is made of fruit(apple,fig and papaya) , to make it easier for you girls it is the same product which I told you about 1 year ago I guess(the one mentioned in the previous page) , you gotta try it girls , it made my skin very soft I just couldn't stop touching it .I'll try to show you a pic so that you know how to get it .... :dance:

sweet juicy

Is it with good function? I've been suffering from oily skin for a long time already!


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Choose the right soap. It is important to choose a soap that is suitable for your skin type after checking all the options available to you. Depending on whether your skin dry, normal or oily, You will require a cleanser that suits it.


I read somewhere that applying a small amount of vodka to your spots will dry them out.

I have been using Boots own brand of Tea Tree and Witch Hazel toner and there is a spot stick of a day and night lotion which I would really recommend, I think though now my skin is becoming immune to it as it worked realllllly well at the beginning now it does work but takes longer.

I am going shopping for spot creams tomorrow, hopefully trying out Freederm I know its expensive but I've had these spots for a while and its unlike me to get them for long periods of time, it seems to be the chin area no where else.

I drink plenty of water and try to have my 5 a day. I do get very oily skin and i use Clay face masks once a month as my mom is a beautician and she said recommended using them monthly along with the correct moisturiser.

Any other tips? I'm getting desperate my boyfriends back from uni in 2 weeks and really want them gone by then.


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The great natural remedy for oily skin and it’s really helpful for oily skin. Take honey and banana mashed the banana and mix with honey. Take honey and banana paste apply on your face for 15 minutes and wash after 15 minutes.
i could suggest an orange peel mixed with honey will help to reduce the oiliness of the skin .
wow before i could know more in the world the thread has told me all.