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Must haves in a girl's wardrobe!


Okay. Must haves for me are..

Little black dress, of course

Good and fitting jeans, blue jeans

White shirt

White and also black tank

Trench xD

Some good jacket, blazer would be the best

Aviator sunglasses, black leather belt, silver small earrings, simple neclace, some braceletes and headbands

Black bag for day, small white or black purse for night

Converse sneakers, black or white ballerinas

Good and fitting lingerie

That is all I hope xD This is how my closet looks now and I am going to help it with some colorful things..


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I believe you can never go wrong with a high wasted skirt, it is defiantly a top 3 must because you can generally team it with a large majority of shirts and its so easy and can be worn almost anywhere! Plus they are extremely sexy :).
Also a pair of wedge shoes. They go with almost anything and are so fun to wear! Try in a tan, beige or white color so it'll most likely go with anything.
Finally, a nice cute comfy dress you can wear to the mall, with friends or even just chillen at home.
Of course you than need your jeans, shorts shorts, jackets, belts and a thousand different shirts to make your wardrobe totally complete :p hahaha.


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i'd have to say
fitted t-shirts and skinny jeans
cause they're wearable and you can dress them in many ways


-Good underwear,
-Skinny jeans (dark colored)
-A long pretty top :)


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something for every season and occasion, so I always have a backup plan. A nice mix of colours that go together. Some small bags, belts etc. ..stuff to go with the clothes...
Just three????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ievery single thing in my closet is a must!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!for every occasion,party,visit and more i even have one for when i am single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(red short dress with high heels and lipstick)


Great pair of jeans
Lil black dress
Comfy pair of stylish flats


omg.... only 3??? this is too tough... but let me give it a try....

definately a pair of perfect fitting skinny jeans

of course a little black dress....that is a definate

and an amazing cardigan


Well I love skirts so skirts must have in my wardrobe. And Skinny jeans.


A great dress (don't have to black dress).
A skinny jeans.
A comfortable shirt.
Only three!!!! really?
Well, my favorite bali bra, french cut silk panties, and a cute flower print dress....how about four.... and I can add a pair of strappy pumps!?!? ...I guess I could forgo my bra....*sigh*


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must have for me include g-strings (at least three), push up bras, shorts, t shirts, little dresses in black and red at least. skinny jeans in blue and black. platform hi heels and sandals


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The little black dress is definite must have as you can accessorize it so many ways and it fits in casual to more formal settings. At least one pair of jeans that make me look and feel sexy is absolutely necessary but I don't care what color they are