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Must haves in a girl's wardrobe!


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What according to you are the THREE MUST HAVES in a girl's wardrobe?;)

To me its a well fitted pair of jeans (Blue preferably), The perfect black dress and a crisp white top/shirt.
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yeah The blue jeans shud b there, so does the black dress... for the 3rd most imp thing, I feel we all shud hav the perfect lingerie, coz thats wat defines u nd the dree tht u wear!!!!


The little black dress is definite must have as you can accessorize it so many ways and it fits in casual to more formal settings. At least one pair of jeans that make me look and feel sexy is absolutely necessary but I don't care what color they are. Another wardrobe staple for me is simple cotton t-shirts with a crew neck in various solid colors (must have white, black and beige at least). I can pair a t-shirt with just about anything and add accessories, sweaters or jackets to dress them up as needed and they are comfy.
i agree with scorpy....a perfect and well fitting lingerie can do wonders to any outfit. And as steffi said, a black dress is a must...its a solution to all your wordrobe confusions. A solid color black or white cotton top.
I really don't think we should go for "Color-isms" or any of the " Isms".I think printed dresses are very in . They look very creative and bubbly and let's say "Hot" on younger women or teenagers.Blacks are always classic but it is very dull.

Colors are good but very common.Better stick with printed stuffs..It'll make you creative.. xD

For me,A good undies (lol) is very neccessary,Other wise you'll never know what'd happen suddenly! xDD
I hope you heard the news of "Britney" and "Paris" or the latest, "Lindsay" ? xD

So yepp..

And the second thing,Jeans.Skinny ones :)
Hey Devina.
Infact going printed is a great idea. I love colors too.
Going mono-crome gives you an opportunity to try different looks by playin with accessories.

But it all depends on your body type and also the mood or lets say occasion/event.
Yes.Wilden,I really think it's important to see what 'type' of body you have.Like ,if you're a little plumpy,you could still wear a printed dress but a loose fitting ones.I dont think that ladies with a plump figure cannot wear it.But yes,if it's an obese (sorry for the term used),then it might look disasterous.

And yes,It does depends on the mood too.When I am depress,I wear all accessories in black.I am really transparent.People can guess my mood with my clothing sense.So yes.I reccomend floral or polka dots prints.They are the basics.If it suites you,you could go on more complex ones like you know,different different designs..



- Skinny jeans (preferably dark-coloured)
- Black top/black dress
- Trim blazer/trench coat (I loveeeeeTrench coats!!)


Do not worry one day you will have a little black dress, we all get to that point.

My three tops:
Lil black dress (of course)
Sexy panties and bra (a set)

And the 3rd is a toss up between booty jeans (those ones that make it awesome looking) or a happy top (any top that makes your top half look amazing).
Dark, could-be-formal straight leg jeans.
Little black dress, of course!
A nice white blouse.

Mainly it's got to be versatile and shouldn't be too trendy, just classic. You can dress it up and down with accessories which are easier to change according to trends, but the staples should be able to adapt to most situations.


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It seems we all think little black is top! (me too)
but my three things really are
jeans (slim)
some top (in a bright color)
and a sweater :D


When it comes to style, I got problems, so I would not know where to start, but I think every girl has that one little black dress that makes them feel like the most gorgeous girl in the world, don't they?


each girl should have. well fitted dark jeans. lingerie( set ) as ellie said.. big brand bag like (LV. Chanel ..bla)


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These are my top must have items:

A nice Pair of Jeans
Black Dress or Long Black Skirt
A great bag
Fitted black top

Lisa Wilson

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Hi all,

It is good to know all your thoughts, as everyone has there own choice, so i prefer blue jeans as well good collection of shoes, foot wears and offcourse the most important is Lingerie, this is must in wardrobe,as we have to take care of our inner wear also, if they are the prefect and comfortable, your outer wear will automatically the best, and you will feel more graceful, comfortable as well sensational.

Keep Sharing!


my must haves will be....

fitted jeans
push-up bra
micro-mini skirt
tight fitting tee
nice branded bag


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Classic white shirts are classic pieces that can be worn in a multitude of combinations and on different occasions. You can wear them with a suit, jeans, a pencil-skirt or even with your favorite pair of shorts.
Pick a shirt that advantages you and fits your body shape.
You can wear your white cotton shirt with a loose jacket and kitten heels.

A classic trench fits everyone and gives a sophisticated air to any outfit. For a classic look pick a trench in neutral colors. A black, nude or a navy blue one could be a great choice to match it with the rest of your wardrobe.
For a more casual look you can wear your trench with bright colors and unexpected combinations as contrast to your classic coat.

Every woman needs at least one pair of jeans. Nothing looks better than a pair that flatters you. Unfortunately, it's not that easy to find the perfect pair of jeans.
The wide-leg, straight fit jeans are the ones that really work for all body types. Their straight line will offer you the chance to hide the bumps and humps that might embarrass you.
For me it has to be of course that LBD (Little Black Dress)

A well fitting pair of jeans (I have both a white and blue pair)

And strange as it may sound....A well fitting trouser suit (I have mine in black)

Plus...dozens of skirts, dresses/frocks, trousers, tops/shirts, bags, shoes......the list is endless....isn't it girls! ;) :)