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Mental Health


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Hey, I've recently kinda lost my self and don't really know who I am. Any advice on Finding your true self?


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Best way is to visit a psychological therapist who can help you determine your true self, and establish behavioural goals for your future so you may enjoy your life.
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I would suggest that you spend some time introspecting your everyday routine. Start by questioning yourself on how and why things are treading in a different direction. In case you have had a bad experience which is disturbing you, on an emotional level, try to make peace with it. It might help you to move forward and feel a little positive about yourself. You can also speak to your family about your present state of mind, as speaking to someone whom you can suffice in, can take away any perturbance of your mind.


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I'd say that if have the luxury of healthcare, therapy is very much recommended for you!

It's nothing to be ashamed of, but you have to be brave!
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