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Marijuana - yes or no?


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Tiny hairs (called cilia) line our windpipe and keep mucus and dirt out of the lungs.

When we smoke marijuana (aka weed, grass, pot), doctors/scientists have found that the smoke burns these tiny hairs - thus allowing more dust and dirt into our lungs.

Studies have also shown that marijuana should not be ingested in any form (whether eaten, smoked, etc.) by teenagers and pregnant women as it affects brain development.
The Surgeon General recently announced that marijuana can affect our attention span, memory and decision making,

Would you ingest marijuana for recreational purposes or without a doctor's prescription?


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I think its disgusting just like cigarettes! I don't like the idea of it being smoked around children and young adults. Not sure how I feel about medical marijuana.


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Medical marijuana could be given under the care of a doctor (and eaten, rather than smoked, so as to not damage the lungs). And a doctor probably wouldn't prescribe it for pregnant women, children or teenagers.

I kinda wonder what damage it can do to adult brains...
There is ongoing research presently being done so we might learn more in the future.


I tried cannabis in the past, and it was beautiful. :cool: However, cannabis, and substances in general, are certainly not meant for everyone, especially the schoolchildren. o_O

As for health effects, the only problems I noticed are the fogginess of getting inebriated, and the insomnia you get without weed after you sleep on weed. The smoke is less than ideal, but cannabis smoke is rather not too bad, I mean unless you're all smoking residues, burning the weed, etc. -- but they have vapes and edible techniques that make smoking weed all but obsolete (beyond nostalgia value).


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My anxiety causes really bad insomnia as well as daily low key anxiety (i call it 'buzzing under my skin') and smoking at least once a week helps me sleep and also keeps my normal level of anxiety much lower. I will also smoke after a particularly stressful day and it chills me right out.
Take alcohol, as an example. Alcohol use is responsible for many deaths per year. I don't have exact figures, but without even Googling it, its safe to say thousands of people in America die every year because of alcohol. Drinking so much it kills you (acute alcohol poisoning) or drinking and driving, operating machinery, falling down, etc. That's to say nothing of it's known cancer-causing qualities. Weed, on the other hand, is far safer. Much less cancer risk, basically no such thing as OD`ing on it, etc. So compared to the most popular drug of choice for recreational users, weed is far "better" for you.
However, smoking and drinking in your teen years can be dangerous for a developing brain.
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I heard about numerous researches and they all contradict each other... Anyway, I think that a prescription for small doses can really help you. My grandmother has a doctor's prescription for insomnia and severe joint pain. As for me, I suffer from anxiety and my doc advised me to have a small dose of CBD a few times per week. It is also allowed to grow it legally in my state. So I decided to install a small grow box in my room. Besides, I find very relaxing to watch it grows.


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Of course Yes! I believe that if there is such a plant from which you can make medicines then you must do it. They always made something out of marijuana. It used to be tissue, but now it's pills and ointments. And I know from my own experience that these medications help. People who don't know what severe pain is will never understand me. I have been suffering from back pain for 20 years! These are unbearable pains that make you lose consciousness. I found a way out. This is CBD oil. It helps to get rid of pain and nerves and improves mood. That's why I'm in favor. Here is a site where you can buy CBD oil https://www.thehempire.com/best-cbd-oil/nerve-pain/.
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