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Marijuana - yes or no?


Staff member
Tiny hairs (called cilia) line our windpipe and keep mucus and dirt out of the lungs.

When we smoke marijuana (aka weed, grass, pot), doctors/scientists have found that the smoke burns these tiny hairs - thus allowing more dust and dirt into our lungs.

Studies have also shown that marijuana should not be ingested in any form (whether eaten, smoked, etc.) by teenagers and pregnant women as it affects brain development.
The Surgeon General recently announced that marijuana can affect our attention span, memory and decision making,

Would you ingest marijuana for recreational purposes or without a doctor's prescription?


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I think its disgusting just like cigarettes! I don't like the idea of it being smoked around children and young adults. Not sure how I feel about medical marijuana.


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Medical marijuana could be given under the care of a doctor (and eaten, rather than smoked, so as to not damage the lungs). And a doctor probably wouldn't prescribe it for pregnant women, children or teenagers.

I kinda wonder what damage it can do to adult brains...
There is ongoing research presently being done so we might learn more in the future.