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Makeup...Where to start?

I really want to start wearing makeup, because I bought a bunch of it...And I have no idea where to start..
I'm going for a more cute kind of look.
Does anybody have any tips? I don't want to show up at school looking like a clown.


Staff member
I hear ya. Though, if looking like a clown was all the rage, we'd all be wearing clown makeup. :D
I'd look at what the other girls are wearing and use that as a guide. There's a certain comfort in "blending in" with the crowd. :)

As you're young, I'm sure your skin has a naturally lovely look so you probably don't need a lot of product, clogging up your pores.

I'm of the philosophy "less is more" so I would just start with a light shade of lip gloss or lipstick.

You might like to apply a very thin "swipe" of mascara on your eyelashes to make them stand out and give them that fuller look.

If your skin is naturally pale, you might like to apply a very light dusting of rouge on the apple of your cheek (where your cheekbones are).

What's even more important than makeup is: getting plenty of fluids, eating a healthy diet, getting a good night's rest, dealing with problems calmly so as to avoid constant frowning, having a clear conscience so you're more likely to enjoy life and have a sparkle in your eyes (which are the windows to the soul).
Having a good disposition and a pleasant, kindly look with a ready smile on one's face is better than all the makeup in the world. :)