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Loyalty or ego?

Hi guys my name is alexia I’m 22
My sister is 29 who lives in an area where I used to live. To cut a long story short a old friend told me ages ago that a girl from my previous school wanted to fight me and a whole load of other stuff last year. That same girl lives in my sisters block. Now although we are adults and she has never fought physically. Me and this girl have chilled together a few years ago through a mutual friend. We have never been super close with each other’s contact detail not even close enough to have an issue so when I did hear that this girl wanted to fight me I was very confused at to why but then I took into account how unstable she is having taking lots of coke and what not. Anyways my sister and her mate went out on Friday for drinks and bumped into this girl and had posted a pic on insta o asked my sister why she was with her and said the girl invited herself and she didn’t wanna be mean persisting she said she has no issue with me ect. How she’s scared of me which makes no sense whne I have never been horrible direct with her either way to have wanted to fight me and admit that to my sister and then claim to not have an issue defeats the principle that I now have an issue with her because you have friended up my sister but can’t even be direct with me when u see me. I have cut my sister off as she knows me better than that. My baby dad and his siblings would never kekeke and ahahaaa if the roles were reversed so why me and my family. Right or wrong?