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Low Libido


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Hey ladies !

sooo ive been having a bit of an issue with my libido for a while now, and by a while i mean about a year .....

When i was on my gap year a few years bak, i met this guy in Prague who funnily enough lived about 20km from me in Melbourne australia. fast forward a year when we were both back home, we met up and started dating. All was well following the first few months, but not long after i noticed my sex drive started to diminish and i never felt in the mood like i used to. It was like i went from being this girl who would have gone home early to sleep with a boy to someone who would rather read a book, or go straight to sleep whilst sleeping with my partner. He has voiced his frustrations a few times, although i feel he like to keep quiet in the effort to avoid hurting me. its now been nearly 8 months and we haven't has sex (we live together). The thought of sex now makes me cringe and it's the last thing i feel like, ever ! I am desperately looking for ideas/solutions to regain my libido as i feel our relationship slowly moving apart as there is no intimacy or physical connection anymore. ive spoken ta few friends and listened to some podcasts but nothing seems to be helping. I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE.


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If you're in your late 40's or older, it's normal to have a decreased sex drive.

If you're younger, I would rule out any physical reasons (such as a low level of testosterone) by getting your doctor, especially a gynecologist, to give you a complete exam.

If everything is fine physiologically, your low libido might be caused by prolonged stress in your life or depression. Even certain antidepressants , blood pressure lowering drugs, and oral contraceptives can have an effect on our libido.

Another factor that can affect our sex drive is if our partner doesn't satisfy us or if we don't feel the same about him as we did when we were sexually active with him. In other words, if you were with someone else, you might be sexually attracted to that person and your libido might be fine.

If the above factors don't apply in your case, you might like to go into couples counseling or even sex therapy with your partner, in case that might help.

And welcome to Girls Forum. :)


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Thanks so much for the reply, I appreciate your help !! I’m a bit worried as I am only 21 and feel like my sex drive should be at its highest around this point in my life. I used to take antidepressant medication but stopped about a year ago, but that didn’t seem to make a difference with my libido. I do have the rod so I’m wondering if that might be influencing anything ??
Also I’ve tried horny goat weed with my smoothies but doesn’t seem to be helping, so frustrating !!


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I can understand why it's so frustrating, hon.

I haven't heard that the contraceptive implant (the rod) affects a woman's sex drive.

And you're right, a woman's sex drive is usually at its highest when we're in our 20's.

Maybe mention your low libido to your doctor, the next time you go in for a gynecological checkup.

If you ever find someone doing a survey on horny goat weed, I'm sure they'll appreciate your feedback/input. (I wonder how many people try to sell us something by saying: "Take this. It'll work wonders on your libido. You'll be having wild monkey sex in no time at all!") :D