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Long term relationship low sex drive


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Hello girls this is a touchy subject for me but would like some advice. I’m 20 years old and have been with my partner 4 years. We barely have sex which I’ll admit I’m not an overly sexual person, I’m not wanting to do it every day but when I try to initiate sex my boyfriend turns me down. This has made me so upset before and I’ve found myself googling why my partner want to have sex with me anymore. It worries me as we are only in our 20’s and should be at the peak of our sex life. He has admitted to me before whilst he’s been drunk that he struggles to get an erection or get in the mood. Is this happening to anyone else or does anyone know what I can do to try and get the mood going again.
If he drinks a lot that could be lowering his sex drive. Other things like lack of job satisfaction, low self esteem or poor physical health can also negatively effect your sex drive. The worst case scenario COULD be is that he is not interested in being sexually active with you. But before you make any conclusions it sounds like there needs to be some serious conversations. Maybe he is struggling with something and doesn't want to tell you. It's also a possibility he just doesn't have a high sex drive.


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This often happens in couples who have been living in the same apartment for a long time. Sex becomes a routine and it's not so good. This should be avoided because after this you can lose a relationship.


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Maybe your partner has problems at work or with friends, affecting his mental state! Depressive, anxious, hypochondriacal, and asthenic disorders. This reduces libido and alters eating behavior, disturbs sleep, slows down thinking and speech, and reduces overall motor activity and energy. The severity of the disorders varies; in some cases, sexual desire is completely absent. The rhythm of changes in the libido depends on how the underlying mental disorder proceeds. You can try to diversify your sex life and turn to citybutterflies.com escorts. So you look at sex in a new way and perhaps revive the old passion! Try it!
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