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Okay hi! I’m a sophomore currently and last May I started dating a guy friend of mine. I didn’t like him before but as time went by I liked him even more. Sadly, I found out I was moving to a different country in September. We were together all summer and it was great but we decided to not do long distance because first of all I didn’t feel comfortable with the whole idea of him not being able to have a life without me. And also I didn’t feel that it was such an important relationship to do long distance. I do love him. I come back home to my home country very often. September came we were broken up and the day I was moving came. Before I went to the airport we had our last goodbyes and I left. After a month, I came back because I wanted to see my bestfriends for a few days and me and him ended up having a thing again over those 4 days. After this, I went back to my new school until Christmas came. I was definitely going back home for Christmas. By that time, I was really sure that I would do anything with him gain because I would be hurt again when I would leave. It was not easy to do because we are in the same friend group and we always hang out with each other. Surprisingly, the third day I was there we kissed again. One of my friend left us alone and I really wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do. But at that moment I wanted to be with him so bad. The next two weeks we kept having a thing. I went back home for a week and then I came back for a weekend because of some exams and we hooked up again. After this it was January so since then I wasn’t able to see him. When I went back to my new country hahah I found a guy that actually I could actually crush on and that helped me not thinking about it. Me and my ex, didn’t talk at all after that because we felt that if we needed to get over each other this was the way. In February I found out that he was dating another girl. My friends told me that you know he wanted to live on but he wouldn’t stop thinking about me. And then they broke up because of this a few weeks later. A few days ago I replied on one of his stories on ig because it was a challenge but I didn’t know and I was actually worried for him because he said that his parents kicked him out so I replied to make sure everything was okay. He told me it was a challenge but we kept talking that night until 3 am. Then today he replied on one of my stories and we texted again and he told me that he broke up with the girl because he wouldn’t stop thinking about me. What should I do. I’m going back to my home country again in June and I’m not sure If I should have a thing with him again. I don’t want to spend all my higschool years crushing on a boy that lives miles away from me. But I really really love him. We were together for 3 months and I can’t get over him. Would you do long distance? Or should I just stop at all? I’m very confused


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I wouldn't recommend having a thing with him until the covid-19 virus is no longer a threat, hon.

As you love him and he seems to love you, you can still keep in contact with him (long distance) through your high school years - seeing each other when you come home to visit. Maybe once in awhile, he can visit you, too.
I wouldn't fight it - just allow yourself to love him (instead of trying to shut off those feelings). You may grow out of love eventually, as you get older, so I'd just enjoy this time that you care for each other. :)