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Last film you watched?


I am not an avid watcher of films, but do watch a film or two on TV from time to time, The most recent film I watched was last Monday afternoon, 12th October 2020, on the Sony Action Movies cable channel here in the U.K., which I thought was an odd channel on which to show this film, because it is certainly not an action movie. The film I am referring to is Night Train to Lisbon, released in 2013, and a film adaptation of the novel by Pascal Mercier.


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Watched 'Parasite' recently, and although I haven't actually seen any of the films it beat out for best picture I think it's probably deserved. I've loved all of Bong Joon-Ho's prior films for their uniqueness and absurdism and this was no exception. The best I've heard it described is as a more perfect version of Snowpiercer. Highly recommended.


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Slow Horses - that's why I like British TV series, so it's for English humor. It is specific, turning into banter, but he is always sophisticated!
And there's plenty of that humor in the series. For all six episodes, the head of the department, in which the assembled select losers of the counterintelligence service of "Her Majesty" will rob their subordinates, openly pointing to their place in this world. And what is strange, this way of communication gives a result. Agents, at the right time, turn on their brains, remember everything they knew and solve a difficult task of national importance, because the kidnapping of the nephew of a high-ranking official of an Arab country cannot be called otherwise. I advise you to watch, it will not be boring.


I saw yesterday return to sender. from hbomax. you must be over 16 year to see this movie. Im 17 year. it was a horror movie but the movie I love alot