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Last film you watched?


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The last movie I watched on chinema was fantastic beast the crimes of grindewald.
And at home, The greatest showman.
I really loved both movies, I love fantastic beast, harry potter, and movies like that.
And I also Love musicals.


The last movie was the outlaw king I have watched on Netflix although that movie was not showing when I was in Thailand through VPN.
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The Bridges of Madison County
I watched this again last weekend.
The first time I watched is when I was 16. At that time, I thought that Francesca should run away with Robert. True love is the best important thing.
But now I'm 26( single still). Even though this kind of certainty comes in life once, that certainty may last forever as a treasure because we cannot have it forever. True love can happen for a whole lifetime, or also just a few days. The most important thing is, you do feel each other at that moment. Maybe the ending of the story between Francesca and Robert is not perfect, that makes the story more beautiful.


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I recently watched stranger things on netflix.

Season 3 is remaining, will completed soon.
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