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Kindly share your views.


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Hi, I own a boutique where I design and sell dresses. Some people are monitoring my shop and have been copying my designs. I am not sure what to do to protect my designs. How can I take copyright permission for business? accesscopyright.ca Do I copyright every single design? Kindly share your views.
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Hi Miyathomas - you've probably done a web search to find this information, but if you haven't come across them, try searching for the Copyright Alliance or LexisNexis.

The Copyright Alliance is clear and simple, and LexisNexis is more technical with some interesting cases of fashion copyright actually being contested in court.

I know we can't share direct links in the forums, so once you've got to the home page of each, go here:

Copyright alliance ...org/ca_faq_post/copyright-fashion-designs/
LexisNexis ...com/lexis-practice-advisor/the-journal/b/lpa/posts/copyrights-in-the-fashion-industry-tips-for-protecting-designs

Your question is a few months old now, but I hope this still helps.