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Kelley Armstrong

She has to be my favourite author and she has three series of books at the moment and I love all of them, yet no one I know has even heard of her =/

The majority of her books are fantasy, focusing on women that are witches, werewolves and half demons but they are amazing. The first book is Bitten and I bought it just when I was bored and not expecting it to be any good but I fell in love with the characters and storylines. The books go in an order, but can also work as stand alones most of the time as well.

I just hate that now whenever you mention you like books that have vampires/werewolves in people are like "oh, so you like Twilight?" Eugh. These are wayyyy better than Twilight, they just unfortunately don't have the same recognition =(


I've read her books :D I'm with you - and yes I just read Twilight this weekend too (sorry, I thoroughly enjoyed it *g*)

I've read two of Kelley Armstrongs books so far and have loved them both and will definitely be picking up more. Have you read the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher? It was recommended to me when I said I had enjoyed the Kelley Armstong books. I'm totally addicted to those too now and gradually working my way through them. I think it's been made into a tv series on Sky now - found that out when I said they would make a good film and was told 'it's already a series' Doh! But then we only have Freeview.


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I loved the Twilight series so if these are better than those I'm gonna go and look them up right now, I love anything with an element of fantasy, vamps witches & werewolves etc! Thanks for the heads up xclairelouise. :thumb:


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I read a couple of Kelley Armstrong's books - they weren't my favorite.

I preferred the Warriors for the Light series by Lindsay McKenna - especially the book: Reunion. (The guy didn't act like a jerk at any time throughout the book - that's a rarity in "romance" novels!) :)