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JonBonet Ramsey's Parents Cleared

I don't know if all you girls heard, but do you remember that pretty little girl who's face was in the news for like 2 years who was murdered? Her parents were cleared of all wrong doing recently and I think its about time. The media had a feeding frenzy with this story and its past time to give it a rest.


I don't remember seeing that, was the general feeling that her parents had murdered her? What was the conclusion of the matter, was it an outside person?


I remember all of that... it was crazy. However, if her parents didn't do it, then who did??? Those two were kind of strange, and I always thought the mother may have gone off the deep end.


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Update: JonBenet Ramsey's mom died in 2006 so if there's an afterlife, she now knows who killed her daughter (and hopefully she is reunited with her daughter now).