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Jennifer Aniston Or Angelina Jolie?


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i always thought and still do that Jennifer was a better mate for brad. two strong personalities like brad and jolie is a bad match. i always mate with dominant guys because i am a submissive type and like leaning on my mate
I like Jennifer better for him and in general. One, because we share the same name - haha. And I also just think of her as a more genuine person.

Dulci Rose

New Member
Defenately Angelina!!
She is not everyone's sweetheart. She doesn't care about that.She has a strong personality and a unique appearance, so she can be herself.
Her humanitarian work is very inspirational. Her attitude towards cancer even more.Brad is lucky to be next to someone that pops out of her comfort zone all the time.I m sure her personality excites him!

JennJenn Boey

hello everybody!!!!
i like both....
i used to watch "friends" and i watched "the Tourist" too....
they're both nice.... jennifer a bit nicer,... angelina more spunky,....
who do you think has aged better???
as for who suits brad i guess its angie cos they've been together for so long now.... he broke up with jennifer for a reason....


Just a figment
Jennifer Aniston is prettier but it's more about the personalities. Jolie seems like she could be hard to get along with. Aniston does too to be honest. I just think either girl could be a handful, and all that personality can lead to a lot of stress.