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Is Your Brain Ruled By Emotions or By Logic?


New Member
I took an online quiz about my personality, to see if my brain is Ruled By Emotions or By Logic.
Guess what i got , hahah !!
" Your brain is ruled mainly by emotions. You tend to think with your gut - whatever you feel gets priority over your mind, and you've let that rule guide you throughout life. You feel deeply and instantly, no matter the situation, and are likely to have a wide range of emotional reactions throughout your day. While this can help you in interpersonal situations, take some time to think things through on occasion - you just might surprise yourself "

What about you girls ?


Staff member
For me, I think it depends on the situation: sometimes my actions are based on emotions
(such as when I hug a loved one, just because)
and other times my actions are based on logic
(such as when I need to decide the best course of action). :)


New Member
Mine is Logic, but I think it’s because I overthink and over analyze my emotions too much and don’t let my emotions take over because I’m scared of what I would do. And also because I can get quite firey quite quickly haha.